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Build and Compile a Cross-Toolchain for Raspberry Pi 3 from source


Build a Cross-Toolchain for Raspberry Pi 3 from source

Because this is from a project that i failed to submit on time… I decided to take it as a personal goal to make this work.

As a result of ~2-months research, trials and errors along the way… I finally been able to achieve what i need for my use case, and now i’ll share with everyone that may or may not be useful for you.

This is in no-way near to what a Linaro-Toolchain could do, but enough for my needs which are:

  1. A latest C/C++ cross-compiler for armhf Raspberry Pi 3.
  2. This must be able to be use as an alternative compiler for QT for Raspberry Pi. Linaro-7.4.1 which i use to previous projects. (also used the raspberrypi tools).
  3. Usable for Part III - Make the Cross-Compile Tools of Cross-LFS.

Future support/capability plans:

  1. Arm64
  2. Golang


Link Updated: Using payhip and soon stripe to host files and will launch soon an ebook for Cross-compiling QT-5.14.2 for Raspberry Pi. Files are free to download except for future ebooks.. Thanks


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